I’ve done my fair share of traveling in my life.

While I prefer to be surrounded by crisp, white, freshly fallen snow, big open spaces and tonnes of silence so quiet it is deafening, I have scoured beaches, too.

As much as the great outdoors thrills me, so does city life. There’s something quite calming about being slap bang in the middle of utter chaos as it flits and frantically dashes around you.

My true passion, in case you have not guessed it by now, is discovery. New information, new views, new sights, new people, new opinion, new surroundings, new food, new sensory delights – this is what I live for.

The problem? Overloading your senses is time consuming and, at times, utterly exhausting. So what’s a hopeful traveler to do?

There is, in my opinion, only one option, and that is to plan. I’m sure you’ll be able to find loads of websites with piles of information to help you do just that, but this one is different. Why? I’m a grumpy old man. I don’t have time for muss and fuss and fluff.

research planWelcome to my no nonsense website of good travel advice. I recommend starting with this list of 5 things to ask yourself before you book your holiday. Once you’re certain that this location you keep daydreaming about is worth it, check my tips and tricks for traveling to warm and cold places, and my how to travel like a pro guide.

I’d love to hear about it all when you get back. Send me an email or contact me here.Jeff

Happy discovering!

Jeff Douglas