Dubrovnik Ferries: an easy way to go to Croatia

Dubrovnik Ferries are the perfect choice to travel into this historic Croatian city is that they offer a wonderful scenic introduction to the city, with the view of the beautiful walls and fortifications from the water. As well as providing an unique perspective, the routes into Dubrovnik also provide the most convenient connections to several of the coastal islands in the Adriatic off the coast of Croatia, along with the Dubrovnik ferries crossing the sea to the eastern coast of Italy.

Attractions In Dubrovnik

One of the main reasons to visit the historic city of Dubrovnik is that it is simply one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the region. At one time this city was the capital of the Republic of Ragusa and was a fortress that was almost impenetrable, and even centuries later the walls are truly impressive. The old city of Dubrovnik is a beautiful area to explore, and strolling the cobbled streets you could easily be mistaken for thinking that you are exploring an area from a bygone age.

Cuisine And Night Life In The City

A great part of taking Dubrovnik Ferries trip into this city is that it offers a wonderful range of different culinary attractions as well as excellent historic sites, with seafood particularly popular. The city also has plenty of bars and clubs, with the local spirit rakija well worth trying, and those looking for something to partner with their dinner will also find some great local wines produced in the area.

Sea Links To Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik ferries link this impressive Croatian city with sites all along the Adriatic Coast, with the further links to Mljet and Stari Grad well worth considering for those spending a little more time on the Croatian Coast. The city is also linked to the coastal city of Ancona in Italy, which makes for a wonderful road trip for those who would like to explore historic Dubrovnik and the attractions of the lovely Eastern coast of Italy.

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Europe for Everyone

worldd.epsIf you’re European, you’ve really got no excuse for not exploring what your continent has to offer. With cheap flights available to almost everywhere, and the rest of the stretch so easily accessible, now’s the time to get up and go and have yourself an adventure! You can even get flight transfers sorted before you go these days (try International Coachlines London) so there’s absolutely no hassle at all.  But where to head? There’s a perfect place for every sort of person, as you can see…

The Family

If you’ve got some screaming kids and stressed parents, a perfect solution is definitely going to be a nice coastal break somewhere sunny and warm. A perfect location is Tenerife, the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands. With beautiful beaches and delicious food, there’s a chance for you to relax and for your kids to play and enjoy the sunshine for once. And, if you fall in love, there’s a reason why millions of Brits think about getting a place abroad every year. Why buy another dingy flat in an urban city when you can get a gorgeous property from the likes of Tenerife Estate Agents?! It’s a no brainer.

The Couple

Summer lovin’ happened so fast…. There’s a reason there are countless songs about summers with that special someone. If you and your partner are looking for a getaway, there are literally a million places you could go, right on your doorstep. You could try romantic city breaks like Paris or Venice. The food in each to die for and of course, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a cheesy pic up the Eiffel Tower or a ride in a Gondola, respectively. But we’re sure at the end of the day, you’ll have fun wherever you go, because you’re together. Aw, isn’t that nice? (But if you’ve seen ‘Just Married’, you’ll know it might always be the case. Sorry!)

The Friends

If you’re in the 18-30 set, then you need to do the classic Ayia Napa, Magaluf or Ibiza break. A whole week of excessive partying, raves and fun like there’s no tomorrow. There’s an abundance of clubs and boat parties on offer, and though they can be a bit pricey, this is offset by the cheap, all-inclusive deals and free lounging on beaches available to young travellers. In these instances, you’re definitely going to want some good health insurance, because it’s probably not the best care you’re ever going to take of yourself. Get your hands on a European Health Insurance card (it’s super quick and easy) and be warned, not all of your drunken antics are necessarily going to be covered, so look after yourself!

The Culture Lovers

There’s a lot of culture out there just waiting to be explored, as Europe traditionally has a strong historical past. If you love tales of times gone by, Rome and Madrid are both perfect destinations. The Coliseum, of course, is iconic for Italy and indeed the world, and Madrid is so home to many museums and art galleries, whilst still being the bustling biggest city in sunny Spain – perfect for enjoying some Tapas and Sangria after a hard day of learning!

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Coping With Change When Moving Abroad


Travel is one thing, but what about if you want to actually make a more drastic change?! Moving abroad is a huge, life changing decision, but it’s one that will undoubtedly enrich your life with a wealth of experience. There’s no point in sugar coating it and pretending everything will be perfect – after all, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. With that said, it’s certainly something for your bucket list, so rather than waiting for someday – why not just take the plunge? Here are a few ideas on how best to make the most of your time away – and how best to cope if something goes wrong.


Before you move abroad, you’ll have to sort out changing some of your cash into the currency of the land you’ll be going to. Don’t worry if it looks like it’s toy money – it will probably always look that way to you, but luckily, it will actually work where you’re going! As soon as you arrive, you’ll want to sort out a bank account, as your salary will need to be paid in here. In case things are tough in the first few weeks, you can always get family and friends to give you a bit of a helping hand. Using services like Azimo, they can send you money from and to anywhere in the world, even over Facebook.

Things may either be comparatively cheaper or more expensive in your new country – usually the cost of living is reflected in the wages there, so once you start earning, things should improve if you’re finding it a little tough! You’re probably always going to mentally convert the money in your mind, though!


The likelihood is that you’ll have already found a job before you move, due to visa restrictions which often say you have to. However, in case you haven’t, it’s obviously for the best to start looking immediately. Many countries will want to see evidence that you can sustain yourself before you actually clear their customs, but this isn’t just for their benefit, it’s for yours, too. Tiding yourself over whilst you wait for your first payment can be tricky, especially when you’ve had to pay out-of-pocket expenses in order to establish yourself. If you’re struggling, you should go immediately to seek advice – whether it’s at an employment agency or at your home country’s consulate. Government websites (for example for the UK, EU, Australia, USA, and Canada) can also be of great help.

Look up information about taxation, too – you’ll want to make sure you’re paying your share, if you are required to. Some countries take this automatically, while other countries ask you to calculate it yourself. This will vary from job to job and place to place, so do your research. Finally, it goes without saying – only find employment that is allowed for your visa category. If you’re not allowed to work in certain industries (or indeed, at all!) then you must always stick to this, otherwise you can open yourself up to deportation or even incarceration… not exactly the adventure you’ve always dreamed of!


Integration is going to be key in your new home! The social side of things is often a massive draw, so you’ll want to ensure you get the best of the lovely people who live in the country of your choosing – they’ll help make the best memories! If you’re lucky enough to already know somebody out there, make the most of them! Everyone they can introduce you to is a potential connection – or better still, a potential friend. They can help you improve your language skills, your cultural knowledge, or even just ensure that you are happy and settled. After all, you presumably came to immerse yourself and discover new experiences – and who better to show you how than some natives?! When you’re looking for friends outside of your circle (whether that’s at work, or just generally), you might want to think about getting active either in a club, a gym, or a volunteer group. If you’ve got a hobby, get out there, meet people and live like a local. If romance is what you’re looking for, online dating is a great way to meet people in the community – websites like eHarmony or Plenty of Fish have members from everywhere, so you’re bound to find someone to spend some time with!

Insurance & Healthcare

Insurance is important, because it can literally be the difference between life and death. Healthcare, for example, varies dramatically from country to country, with some offering free benefits to all, whilst others deny treatment to those who cannot pay, particularly those who are foreign. Protect yourself, know your rights, and make sure you invest in the right insurance to treat yourself should something go wrong. The last thing you want is ridiculous bills.

Although the practical sides of your move may seem like the most boring, they’re the aspects which will keep your journey as smooth as possible. Good luck in your new life!


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Things to Do in Nikko, Japan

Things to Do in Nikko Japan

Located in the Tochigi Prefecture, the city of Nikko is also the entrance to the Nikko National park. Visitors to this city can enjoy a wide range of activities. If they want to explore the scenic beauty of the area or if they want to see some of the man-made sites, they will have plenty to do. The area has been a center of the Shinto and Buddhist culture for many years and the sites around the area reflect this culture. Visitors often split their time exploring the natural flora and fauna of this mountainous region along with the magnificent buildings that date back centuries. It is possible to see wild monkeys running around while touring this area. It is important to come up with a list of things to do before traveling to this area so that you do not miss the best things it has to offer.

1. Rinnoji Temple – Often considered to be the most important temple that can be found in Nikko, this temple was Shodu Shonin. He is the monk that brought Buddhism to the region over 1300 years ago. The temple consist of the main building and several other buildings. The highlight of the main building is the large wooden statues of the three gods that are important in the Buddhist history of Nikko. The temple offers many different exhibits and a small garden for its visitors to tour.

2. Nikko Botanical garden – The University of Tokyo is responsible for this botanical garden. It is very open and offers its visitors paths that allow them to see the 1500 different species of plants that can be found in the garden. The park is open from (9:00 to 4:30 and is closed from December 1 to April 14.

3. Kanmangafuchi Abyss – The paths of this site allow visitors to walk through the gorge that was created by the eruption of Mount Nantai. The trail also has 70 statues of Jizo along the way that many visitors enjoy taking their pictures with. The natural beauty of this gorge is something that visitors should not miss.

4. Shinkyo Bridge – This sacred bridge is the entrance to the shrines and temples of Nikko. It has been named one of the three greatest bridges in Japan. It was built in 1636, although there were other bridges that preceded it. Thanks to renovations that took place in the past 20 years, the bridge is open to the public that can use it to cross to see the shrines and temples.

5. Toshugo Shrine – This is the mausoleum that was built for Tokugawa Ieyasu who was the individual that is credited as the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The grounds are ornately decorated and there are more than 12 buildings in the complex. The buildings are decorated with very detailed wood carvings and gold leaf to add to the lavishness of the shrine. The best way to gain admission to this shrine is to buy a combination ticket that gives you admission to this shrine along with the Rinnoji Temple, Taiyuinbyu and Futarason Shrines

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